Thursday, July 14, 2011

Why does ‘sceptic’ sound so ‘septic’?

A well informed subject expert asked at a gathering recently:
“How many results would Google spit out if you searched for BIM?”
Various, similarly well informed subject-specialists guessed within the range of 5-15 million;
Following a ‘pregnant pause’ the instigator revealed the answer he was expecting: 34 million;
34 million....
Was I biting my tongue and sitting on my hands? Oh, you bet...
Not that I did not type BIM into Google late that evening! My ‘number’ came in at 34.9 mil.

How many of those results are of BIM acronyms unrelated to Building Information Modelling? Names and surnames, vehicle registration plates?
Or just random three letter compositions floating through the air?
Why am I even thinking of this as having any significance at all to BIM or me???

If there is relevance at all it is in the sad fact that probably 2 million of those tags refer to articles so identical in nature that it’s not funny anymore. You can read hundreds of papers on BIM and find nothing but zombie-like rhetoric.
Rhetoric that hardly changed in 2 decades;

Later that evening, I asked Google another question: “BIM sceptic”.
Result: ONE
Time to form The BIM Sceptics Society!
To promote some critical thinking and search for like minded individuals.

There must still be place for evidence based BIM! Let’s make it!