Thursday, March 24, 2011

You’ve got to HELP me with this one!

This is an exercise I wanted to do for a long time.
Can I have it go around the world?
Will you help me do it?

So, here is the brief, includes 5 (easy) stages:

1/ Download the Staircase file from the link:

It is a PDF file, about 1Meg in size. Open it with Adobe (8.1 or above); (I can also email it to you)

2/ It shows a staircase;
Examine the 3 ‘floor plans’ and 4 ‘section/elevations’.
No notes on them, anyone working with 2D plans regularly will be able to get their head around it.
Count how many wall clocks there are in this staircase based on these 7 projections.
Time yourself; Write down how long it has taken, and the number of clocks.

3/ Look at the 3D view. Click into it, it is interactive (i.e. you can move around it);
Repeat the exercise; count the number of clocks, now using only this view.
Time yourself; Write it down and the number. Are there the same amount of clocks here as before?

4/ Email me these figures (time, number, time, number) your age and where you come from (can stay anonymous if you like)

5/ Forward it to any- and everyone that may be prepared to take part.

I will share the results at the end.
Many thanks in advance!

Or not, if you are concerned about its integrity; Can view it online but can only do half of the exercise.

Additional note:
The download may or may not work, am sorry about this (the first part is totally doable online); See picture below for tips;
Also, I am happy to email the file if anyone wants it, It is just under a meg in size and is a PDF. I believe it is no threat;

Another note: Please count ALL the clocks - not just the brown ones :-)


  1. I'm happy to do the exercise if the files are online - I won't be downloading any files from a source I don't know. Sorry!

  2. No problem at all - you can still view the file online - just can't see the interactive part; Will work on that too...

  3. The google documents interface does not seem to allow download of shared files and it does not support 3D viewing. Thank you for having emailed me the file directly. I will post a more detailed response in the LinkedIn A CAD Community Connection Group.