Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The low hanging fruit of BIM

I am a hypocrite. I allowed myself to be invited and entertained for two days at the BuildSmart conference.

And, you know what? I did actually pick up a line-of-thought that will make a good topic for a post in the near future – but let’s leave that aside for the moment and deal with the superficial.

It’s to do with clash detection.
I did not know up till now that ‘clash detection’ was the ‘low hanging fruit of BIM’.
Thankfully, I was told, once for all;
Actually, at least 4 times in four different presentations but as anyone that is involved with teaching knows, repetition is good;
Would I have dedicated this post to the ‘low hanging fruit of BIM’ had they not emphasised it so many times?

Probably not; though the images did talk for themselves.
I’d call the type quintessential by now, the poor pipe going through the beam and no one there to notice it before the unfortunate collision happens;

Observing the speakers I had the feeling that we, BIMsmarters find this ‘clash detection’ to be a bit naff – and at best call it ‘little BIM’ – (or closed BIM to those that get offended by diminutive labels).

The fact that we classify it as ‘low hanging fruit’ must still mean that someone is making very good money out of it.
Or not?

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