Wednesday, March 23, 2011

On malls, the NZIA and BIM....

Most contemporary malls offer spaces that have certain amount of public-area feel.
It is deliberate of course – building on the historic popularity of the town-square.
Sipping your cappuccino in a fake Italian plaza by the fake fountain under the fake sky of the air-conditioned mall still can be enjoyable, if the real thing is unavailable.
It is all win-win as long as you behave well.
Spread your funds evenly between the boutiques that overlook the plaza, the charming eateries and you remember to see a movie.

Problems start when you forget that you are not in the real thing and start ‘misbehaving’;
For example, you hang around extended lengths of time without purchasing anything. You busk. Eat your homemade sandwich. Protest against something.

I used to belong to the NZIA (NZ Institute of Architects) chatlist. Not sure for how long, likely a decade.
Recently, I decided to opt-out of being a member of NZIA, consequently got dropped-off the chatlist.
Fair enough, you say; NZIA is the mall owner here, the chatlist the plaza.

I do feel a bit cheated though (allow me that much) – as for a long time this ‘mall owner’ cultivated and/or let the mall cultivate itself into a real community space.

The relevance of this post to my BIM musings?
Lot of the BIM related forums are run following the same principle.

Sorry guys in NZ – can’t put this message on the NZIA Chatlist;
If you’d like to do this on my behalf, it would be appreciated.

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