Thursday, March 10, 2011

Building owners: should you go with BIM* over employing a QS?

Only if you ALSO improve the quality of THE project information.

I know of two theories: one claims that BIM will do QS’s out of work. The other that it will make their job easier.
Neither is likely to happen, because the way QS estimates are REALLY done at present.

True story:
In NZ one could have a house built for an average of 2K NZ$/m2;
Alternatively purchase a new car for 20K NZ$.
Convert these into m3 and you’ll find that the costs are similar, a unit of a new-car will cost about the same as the unit of a newly-built house.

People fond of complicating simple theories will rattle off numerous reasons why one can‘t be compared with the other. So be it.

If I followed the trends in the prices of new cars that are compatible with my taste in housing, I could possibly predict how house prices will shape up in the future; Or not;
I see QS estimates to be almost as scientific and sophisticated as the above described approach. With or without BIM**.

Gasp! I know. Considering how many decisions are based on QS estimates.

As a building owner why don’t you actually start getting better understanding of the quality of your project information? THAT WILL determine what you pay at the end.

Or go and buy a new car.

(* Better Information Management; ** Building Information Modelling)

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  1. If only houses would depreciates at fast as cars, then we could all afford to buy them.