Tuesday, March 1, 2011

It is all about the systems you put in place!

This is: A LINE
This is: A WINDOW...
(It can sing and dance....)

Goes the BIM rhetoric. Meaning that the line is dumb and no-good
and the singing, dancing window (digital object) is a clever creature....
that will fix everything that ever goes wrong in the AEC industry. (the silver bullet)

I use this introduction in one form or other often too – though am conscious that it is greatly oversimplifying the issue.
It unfairly implies that buildings can’t be documented well in Flatcad. They can be and regularly are.
Also on almost any media. Even verbal one.
As I write this thousands of people are being briefed on building related tasks verbally.

The problem is NOT in the medium we use, the toolset, nor the technique (2d, 3d, 25d);
The problem is that creating buildings is a risky business.
We choose how we deal with those RISKS, often by (unknowingly) absorbing them.

Where the media/toolset/technique/approach comes in is HOW that risk is managed.
Use Flatcad and you need to have systems in place.
Use singing-dancing BIM and you need systems in place.
Do everything through verbal communication and you need systems in place.
(especially large ones for this approach!)

It is all about the systems you put in place!
Most  systems are combinations of simple things and complex things. The secret is in the mixture;

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