Sunday, March 6, 2011

What colour is your parapet wall?

How do you take your concrete? Light grey or with a lot of black in it?
What about your stainless steel? Aluminium? Cement screed?

Don’t some habits die hard when it comes to documenting buildings?
We build in grey, so we model in grey. Or draw in black on white screens. (or red on black screens!);

You have a complex detail? At the first instance resolve it in your head and try getting away with putting nothing on paper.
Or even better, if there is nothing on the paper, why bother resolving the detail at all?
Hmmm Not the line I was going to take.

My theory is that we, as GOOD building designers/documenters think through every detail and make sure that they are buildable, aesthetically pleasing and do not compromise any proposed use,. head-heights, accessibility, weather-tightness, hygiene, safety and security.

Colour my world! I say.
I am showing my age with this comment but I prefer my details with lots of colours. Pink, baby blue, sunshine yellow! In the digital world at least; So I can work out how the various elements interact to as minute a detail as I like (or not);

Don’t blame the software! Most BIMish packages allow you to use materials that have two ‘identities’ – one for the ‘working-out’ session and one for the ‘final performance’.
Bring on the colours!

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