Saturday, March 12, 2011

Another BeeEyeaaM Conference is coming to my town...

Growing up under a number of parallel, contradicting and highly dogmatic influencers evolved my ‘rubbish-o-meter’ senses to counterproductive levels.
I am sensitive but regrettably not also immune to poor PR.

A couple of days ago, I was approached by an event organiser.

She was working for a huge expo-company planning a major event for the city I now call home.
The event was centred on the “BeeEyeaaM”-thing and since our receptionist helpfully matched her acronym with my title – I was asked, ‘how can we make this event really useful for people like you?’.

She was not that interested in my views really, as much as selling the conference.
She said samples of innovative solutions with huge ROI will be shown;
Described how much a BIM coordinator would benefit from seeing major local players piloting innovative solutions...
She told me I’d learn a lot...

She was enthusiastic, chirpy and talked pure ‘innovative’ and ‘leading’.

I remained cooperative if noticeably cynical throughout our conversation. I wish I had told her then to forget the market research forms, – at the end a couple of software suppliers will work the event. A bit of patting of shoulders, scratching of backs here and there...
Many will have a great time, and will do nothing for BIM.

I may even join them...Why not? May just learn something...
Or at least get seen.

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  1. I hope you do turn up Zolna. It would be good have some more constructive input into the way BIM is used in the Middle East.

    I think you will be surprised to see a fairly agnostic turnout