Saturday, March 19, 2011

What is in the Name?

5 years ago we set up Predefine. My husband Graham came up with the name.
I tortured him for days before he uttered the one I was happy with.
It had to be one word and made up of 3 syllables. It had to describe exactly, not just what the new company was going to do, but also an entire approach.

More intuitively than based on real knowledge, I believed that there was a need to develop a system, that incorporated two main ingredients:
An accessible ‘storage’ facility  capable of storing past experiences (lessons learned) from a vast group of originators and a means to access this storage, in a way that simulates what happens in your brain when you tell yourself what to do a step before you need to do it.

This sounds terribly elusive but for me this system had countless future, practical uses in the AEC industry.
Why AEC? Pure chance. I was already knee deep in it.

Preconstruct was in the game for a while, sounded too limited
(the word was also overused on the net, an important thing to  consider);
Preset, predetermine, prestipulate, proact, preload, prodict...

Predefine currently is a bit of a sleeping beauty, hibernating if you like.
One day it may become a synonym used in AEC for ‘the one I prepared earlier’.
Something to aim for?

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  1. May great fortune be with you. I look forward to reading your posts... djp