Sunday, March 20, 2011

BIM for the hard to lay-out and undraughtable buildings...

Have you ever worked on a long-sausage building? A very tall, giraffe one?
Or committed the sin of designing a building to suit a (drawing) sheet?
Did you cut a bedroom short or have fewer car-parks?

You will not find ‘undraughtable’ in the dictionary, I guess, because there is no such thing.
Systems have existed for a long time to manage unusually shaped buildings by breaking them up into smaller pieces and providing key-drawings for navigation.
Flatcad  has always promoted working in a 1:1 environment and outputting to sheets.
Still, in practice I have been seeing a lot of reluctance to exploit this approach fully.
People seem to rather go for a strange scale (1:400, 1:750) – then break up the building over numerous sheets. Also, two outputs of the same information are never guaranteed to be in synch, for example a plan and an elevation coming from Flatcad.

Can BIM help the building that is hard to lay-out?
I consider model based documenting to be the foundation-stone to anyBIM, and claim: YES.
Model based approach ensures that there is minimal duplication of information – no matter how many or few outputs a piece of information appears on, the representations’ will always be from one origin.

I hope to reignite your interest in the concept of ‘picture-book-documenting”.
Ideal for sausage, giraffe and other shaped buildings. More soon.

See also my January 17’s post and come back in the future as I intend to elaborate on this subject quite a bit (unless of course something more interesting grabs my attention);

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