Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Don’t be silly, there will always be architects...

a good friend of mine tells me off – as we discuss my latest doom-theory regarding the future of this noble profession.
I clarify, that I don’t mean the need for buildings will disappear but the need for people to do what (and how) they do while practicing as architects.

Even with the qualifier, my theory does not go down well with her, a talented architect with over 20 years of experience.

So, I suggest to her to go home and have a good look at her shelves packed with VHS tapes and analyse her own attitude towards them.
Too touchy-feely to your liking?

Well, do you still have a fax machine in your office?
If you deal with small scale contractors you’re likely to still have one, but maybe it is just a seldom used function of a super-duper photocopier?
What can we learn from a type of equipment central to the way we used to do work not that long ago – having almost totally disappeared from our toolset?

Are architects the VHS tapes of the industry that are retained for sentimental reasons?
And only just?

I have a strong affinity with the profession and wish it was going in a different direction.
On my BIM Staircase of Need, Cost and Opportunity it sits on the next-to-bottom rung.
(more about this concept in future).

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