Thursday, March 10, 2011

There is a Hole in Your Bucket dear Liza, dear Liza....

Liza is a (yet-to-be-built) building’s owner. A person or a corporate.
The bucket is the receptacle that contains the information of her building-project.
Who looks after Liza’s bucket?
I used to want to look after it!

I pitched for the role by saying:

You have your child in the childcare while you work, your cat stays in a cattery often enough.
Let us take care of your information!
We will make sure it is good (trustworthy), will last as long as you need it (is non-perishable), and there is just enough of it (won’t overflow and become un-manageable);

Ok, maybe I should not have brought in Liza’s child or pet as examples, but I liked expressing the ‘liveliness’ of this information. A fluid, sprightly beast that tends to lose integrity, go-off or recklessly grow in size.

How about Liza’s accounts? Who looks after her ‘books’ – who is the custodian of her financial information?

This was never a revolutionary idea, I admit.
Passive custodianship of information (even construction based) has existed for yonks.
Archiving,  databases, content management.

Most building owners still treat the managing of building information as a very low priority.
But they all use accountants/book-keepers to look after their financial information.

Do the Lizas of the world really value one bucket of information so much more than the other?
Liza, we need to talk!

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