Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A totally useless BIM post...with a dead mouse at the end

I am a ‘yes, but’ person. I try not to be – but rarely succeed in suppressing the urge. I am sure it is genetic. My father has always been a ‘yes, but’-ter. Must run in my husband’s family as well as our children show tendency to ‘yes, but’ too.

Even as I listen to your argument I ‘yes, but’ it in my head.
My mother conditioned me to be a nice person, so I fight this impulse, but it beats me most of the time.

To keep my conscious at bay – I moderate my ‘yes, buts’ by trying to censor them before they rush to the surface. Needless to say, I’m not always successful in these efforts either.

When it comes to BIM, I’m ALL ‘yes, but’.

Tell me, that an answer to a BIM question is ‘quite simple’ – I’ll say, yes but, it is quite a bit more complicated than that...
You label a BIM issue ‘too complicated to easily resolve’, I’ll yes-but’ you with my – everything is simple theory.

If you are a ‘yes, but’ person too – a high probability, we can go on like this forever.
And, to some extent, we have been.

In a person’s life, 20 years is a large chunk (for a child, close to ‘forever’);

I’ve spent 20 years pushing BIM – and got close to nowhere.
Yes, but...

To those that did read this through – I have a present – I uploaded a document describing a set of services my company used to provide when we operated in the VC/BIM field of NZ construction.
Consider it as an unwanted mouse brought to you by your loving cat J
(available for the next 24 hrs - or email me and I'll send you the dead mouse);


  1. well done, very useful info to have as a reference

  2. 'dead mouse' taken off now, if you are interested in seeing it - email me direct; Zolna