Monday, March 21, 2011

The BIM goggles....

Once, when our eldest daughter was quite young she picked a book and asked her father to read it;
It was a Hungarian story book (her mother is Hungarian) and my husband said something like this:
‘Sorry, this is in Hungarian, I can’t read it’. The 3-and-a-bit year old offered helpfully:
‘Shall I bring your Hungarian glasses?’

I daily battle numerous ‘real’ and computer languages myself and sometimes think of this little episode.
Wouldn’t it be lovely?

I do know of BIM goggles.
BIM gets referred to as a ‘tool’. I like calling it a ‘weapon’.
Too military to your liking?

Recently I settled on the theory of it being an ‘aid’.
Just like glasses help me see – well used BIM helps parties ‘see’ better in their projects.
That can be from the point of buildability, level of documentation completeness, compliance with regulations, cost, time, aesthetics.
It is a primary aid against being manipulated no matter what side of the fence one sits on.

Glasses give you vision and help you into a vision. Vision as in a dream to fulfil, also the ability to see through obstructions.
BIM goggles are essential to thrive in AEC.

So, if you are a career BIMologist like me, shelve the spin of “BIM as a tool” and go more for
“BIM as an aid”. There is a difference!

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  1. What about "BIM as a process" ? or "BIM as an approach" ?
    I personally prefer to refer to it like that.