Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I am in love with the Archicad Marquee....

That tells you a lot about my life I guess...
Still, before you call me a hypocrite (i.e. encouraging software tribalism) –
here is a challenge:
I’ll show you mine (Archicad marquee),
you show me yours (spatial filtering device);

I use the marquee a lot – to examine parts of the building I am interested in.
Sections can do the job too, the marquee will get me there with fewer steps and faster;
I treat it a bit like an ice-cream scoop, or a surgeon’s knife, depending on the stage of the job I am in.

What about you?

See, the tool and how you use it, to scoop out a blob-of-information that needs to be examined, contemplated and resolved from the integrated, intelligent digital model you are producing tells me a lot about you.
Lets me know what BIM personality type you are and the BIM systems, processes and procedures your company has.

I know I am being a bit arrogant here – but, let’s get into the real stuff, tell me how well are you able to scoop the ice-cream out of the bucket?
Is this a trivial question? No, it is not – absolutely critical.

Even if you are not hands-on but claim to have a BIM enabled office – walk around the floor and ask your staff:
“What do we use to scope information-ice-cream here?”


  1. Hi there,
    I use ArchiCAD and Yes I love the marquee too... for many reasons: 3D navigation, Stretch, Filtering selections, etc...

    But I'm a double-agent: I use Revit too. There is a "workaround" for the marquee when it comes to examine the Model in 3D window: You can relate/show the content of a Partial Section in 3D and it works like a marquee.

  2. Love double agents! The BIM world needs more of you! (us)

  3. I enjoy working with both ArchiCAD and Revit Architecture since 2010. It is great experience