Sunday, March 13, 2011

Are CAD/BIM software developers/suppliers acting too smug?

Talk about being misunderstood! I managed to create an impression of fighting a war with all CAD/BIM related software developers/suppliers.

Hang on!
Stop accusing me for being unfairly critical to them, putting the knife in, biting the hand that feeds me...
Let’s be sensible! I do have great admiration for software developers – especially for the doers, working the trenches.
Not many days go past without me qualifying something as ‘cool’ in my digital-toolbox, no matter what its origin, colour or nationality may be;

As producers of tools they are pretty much like any other group.
There are some good ones and some less good ones. Some that aim for top-quality, some that pitch to those that call for affordability.
Some do their testing rigorously, others launch prematurely, some are innovative, others risk averse. Some represent European approach, others American. Whatever...
I could be talking about car makers or producers of handbags/meat patties etc.

I wrote about this before, somehow everyone missed it:
My problem with software suppliers in CAD/BIM field is largely with what they do not DO, given the responsibility they have found themselves burdened with.
A bit like politicians and celebrities.

They are shaping or have the chance to be shaping new working methods, communication, thinking for an entire industry.
That duty can’t be taken lightly, definitely not as lightly as they do.

(picture of our cat looking/acting ‘smug’)

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