Sunday, March 27, 2011

The saddest book in the World?

For my youngest, it will have to be one of the last published in the Harry Potters series.
For my middle daughter probably the Boy in the Striped Pajamas.
The eldest can’t really decide between See ya, Simon; The Catcher in the Rye, and Of Mice and Men

For me: Specifications.
These are books that accompany ‘for construction drawings’ of yet-to-be-built-buildings.

Think about them – there aren’t many other book-shaped creatures that go through their relatively short life experiencing so little love and care.

Often they are an afterthought. Put together hastily, just before submission.
Even while in their electronic format they tend to be self-conflicting, shallow and obese.
They become everything for everyone but nothing really for no one, tending them becomes a punishment for those that are not ambitious enough or like specialising in work no one wants to do.
They are rarely fully in synch with the drawings they accompany and are only really welcome by litigious lawyers and QS’s chasing variations. Their attention can also turn hostile when the right paragraph is not found in the mess of information.

As part of my January 23rd post I offered an alternative form to deliver information that traditionally fell under the Specifications’s domain.
Check it out – the 3D features should be accessible through most browsers – but you need to open the file with Adobe-Reader.

(and while you are at it, why not do the little exercise of counting the wall clocks – March 24th’s blog – count all the clocks no matter what colour)


  1. and the point of the clocks -I take it - is that BIM can report how many there are at the click of a button?

  2. Not quite - will write my thoughts once I deem the exercise finished -