Monday, April 11, 2011

When lost anywhere, nothing is quite as useful as being able to see the ‘big picture’.

Budapest is a lovely city, I am very fond off. Navigating through it can be tricky.
The early challenges of getting around while studying there in the mid eighties taught a lesson that stayed with me for life.

I loved exploring the city, jumping from one vehicle to another, moving below/above ground and water.
What got my head in was though the circular nature of the city, having been developed over 2 concentric, circular routes.
You could chuck-along on a tram for hours – observe landscapes of grey streets going by – and end up in exactly the same place you started off.

Sometime you’d want to reach a destination on you right – a tram going left would come sooner, you’d go with it.
An express bus going the opposite direction could take you there even faster.

What was the lesson coming out of this?
The way I managed to get my head around navigating the city was by memorising the ‘big picture’.

When attempting to do any BIM, seeing the big picture as a reference is hugely important.
It is so easy to get pulled into the details, the challenges of having to deliver meaningful results daily.

Detail is good. However, remember this: sometimes taking the tram that is heading the opposite direction from where you intend to go may just get you there the fastest.

(not quite Budapest on these pictures but still pretty)

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