Thursday, April 7, 2011

How many Teklas will it take to change the Construction Light-bulb?

... and what if this Light-bulb does not want to change?

Went to the Tekla roadshow BIM-day today and was pleasantly surprised.
No, it was not just a sale pitch though sometime I wish it was.
I go to events like the one today and think: how many other industries are forced to create ‘the need’ before they can start selling ‘the solution’?

Why is so much effort necessary to go into starting from the basics every time?
Feels a bit like being a logistics business operator and getting hoarded into one room with others to have airplanes sold to.

The sellers spend a huge amount of time on explaining why flying planes would be better for us to driving trucks and very little time on why we should be buying their particular aircraft.

One may say, there is no harm in this, bring everyone up to the same level.
Raising general awareness, it is called. Educating the industry.

Not sure of this strategy, really. Seems a bit like a loose-loose situation.
If I am a truck operator only starting to be looking at the sky there will be a long time before I’d start choosing the right plane to fly.
On the other side, if I had been flying planes for a while – show me the engine, tell me the speed – talk my language!

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