Sunday, April 10, 2011

It is not about the drawing, it is about the model.

Well, guess what? It is about neither; it is all about the building.

It is cool to talk about “BIM as Disruptive Technology” these days.
Wise commentators dampen their predictions by saying “BIM has the potential” but there are also many that label Revit as DT.
A relatively new creation of a jargon, DT can be defined in numerous ways (check the Net) –
I don’t see any of the current approaches to BIM, let alone any software packages to meet the criteria to qualify.

As scary as it would be for many for the ‘drawing’ to disappear from the process suddenly, I’d still say it would not be DT – just a bit of yesterday’s news.
Would result in a bit of re-juggling of current players and all would be business as usual.

But what if design and documentation as we know it disappeared?
What if you could do buildings straight away?
Say, you went to a housing warehouse and on the basis of your likes and dislikes, needs and budget a building was put together straight away for you – then placed on a truck and shipped to your site?
You need a skyscraper, a hospital, a boarding school a factory?
Similar approach. In time, cut the shipping out too and do it remotely, straight on the site.

Now, that I’d call BIM as Disruptive Technology.


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