Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Can’t knock the Archicad Marquee off its pedestal

When it comes to the popularity of my posts. And you know what one comes second?
The one on the Revit Conference. Considering how much I wanted to stick to software neutrality when I embarked on this little venture, I’m not doing that great.

There is something else that bothers me these days: “innovation”
The word that used to trouble me most in English once was ‘hero’.
How sports people, pop stars and celebrities were awarded the label plainly annoyed.
Then gradually ‘innovation’ and ‘innovative’ replaced hero and became my antiheroes.
Specially in relation to construction.

Somehow, the industry got stuck in reverse gear and is unable to move forward.
To counter balance that, anyone that attempts to do anything beyond the ordinary quickly gains the brand of being an innovator.
The misuse of the word makes me shiver. Then I read on the net:
“It is more and more accepted that innovation does not come without a conscious decision to innovate.”

Really? Do people wake up in the morning and say, ‘today, I’m going to innovate?'
Others tell me: I’d been ahead of my time. For twenty years now.
Still, I can’t remember ever consciously embarking on innovating; 
Fixing things up, making them better, absolutely.
But, my father would call this tinkering, messing about.

“Innovation” is such a loaded word. Let’s stick to tinkering.

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