Thursday, April 14, 2011

A free dinner? The Ideal Standard!

Went to a local “Ideal Standard” presentation last night.
Not being a specifier, I was a bit of a piggy-backker.
Had a nice time regardless.
While enjoying wonderful hospitality provided by the hosts, I mused over bathroom ware – real and digital.

Only a couple of weeks ago I suggested that suppliers of construction products need not bother developing 3D libraries, providing doughnuts (or in my case a luxurious dinner) will suffice in hooking the specifiers to their products.
A couple of days before that (or was it after?) I urged them to put the extra effort in keeping their digital libraries at the low-poly-count end.

Me (“the expert”) yo-yoing like this from one extreme to another – no wonder even leading suppliers are reluctant to do something bold in the digital world of construction.
Or should it be world of digital construction?

Then again, last night while watching the sleek presentation (it was) and absorbing the company’s impressive statistics (they were) I still kept wondering, how come a company that provides ‘entire bathroom solutions’ has not seen it viable to crack the hosted virtual platform game?

I know they have the isolated (though quite clever) 3D-models floating on shareware-sites here and there.
They also offer visualisation services to designers worldwide, their printed material is totally snazzy.

Can they please, take the lead in the digital too?

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