Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Computer says no – BIM as Disruptive Technology, take 2

Are you a fan of Little Britain?
You’d know Carol's catchphrase "Computer says no".

I often come across people that believe that the solution to most of the problems of construction is in a yet-to-be invented machine that will turn line drawings produced by building designers into digital 3D+ models for visualisation and planning purposes.

There are people out there now that would invest in such a ‘machine’.
It ‘d be able to have the 1-2000 sheets (that seem to be produced as a minimum for just about any project nowadays) fed in within minutes
(using hardcopies and shredding them up in the process to achieve a dramatic effect).
Following some gurgling, roaring and light- flashing the machine would feed the data into a projector that would then beam the singing-dancing-3D image onto a screen

You may think I am totally loosing it now – but, think again!
We all seem to be so much more prepared to put our hopes in the possible invention of some silly miracle-contraption than facing up to what needs fixing.

What if the machine did exist but also had warning lights that flashed with “garbage in – garbage out”,
and refused to compute the fluff fed into-it?

Would you still carry on producing thousands of mostly useless flatcad originated drawings?

I side with Carol on this one "Computer (should) say no"!


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