Monday, April 4, 2011

Does your BIM translate into a specific colour?

It is surprising that in a field so highly contested by a number of strong, international (global) players there is a lack of external branding for the disciples.
Something that would easily differentiate a Revit follower from a Vectorworks user, an Archicad fan from a GT enthusiast or Bentley buff.

A colour, a piece of clothing, a haircut?

In my quests to accumulate enough CPD points annually to keep my registration going in NZ, I often attended NZIA gatherings. With over 500 architects in one place I used to keep myself awake on some of the low-octane lectures by guessing the delegates colours, i.e. what was their CAD of choice. Not scientific at all, just fun.

Things get a bit more complicated when you start self-branding by other BIM categories, whether you supported IFC or not, believed in-or dismissed IPD, and if you belonged to the group of BIM-evolutionists or rather sided with the ones that chuck an R in front of evolution? 

You could easily end up like a Rubik cube yourself.

This brings me to another question, quite unique to this field: why are there no software specific gadgets being used to solidify market presence?
Why no significant alliances between any of the BIM software providers and those that make the paraphernalia designed to consume the fruits of their BIM?

Ignorance or arrogance?

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