Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The curse of the Messy CAD database.

A number of years ago I encountered a management practice that was based on the principle of “the least I know of what is going on behind the curtain the more successful a manager I can become”;

This may well work for you (if you are a successful manager) – however, let me give you a small tip:

If you are in a management role of a consultancy (building design or construction related) and are not hands on, get assistance with your data management.
Specifically: how your building data is managed, no matter if drawing, flat-model or 3D model based.

Don’t be smug. I can just about bet on any office running on very low efficiency because of the state of the working files. You may not see this, take my word for it!

Having a CAD manager does not ensure you are safe, neither is an IT department. No CAD manual, book of procedures or list of policies will protect you.

Many managers ( designers, supervisors) tell me: “as long as the drawings look OK, I don’t care how they’re done”.

As noted before, I have an affinity with the Restaurant Industry – so, accept this question to be relevant:
Would a self respecting chef allow a messy pantry, dirty bench, scattered tools and staff walking knee deep in potato peel?

Gordon Ramsay, care to comment?