Wednesday, September 18, 2013

She keeps on ‘mourning’… and you've been a bit reckless…

Sorry if this title makes no sense – an inside joke – you’ve got to have been there to understand it but the punch line is worth publishing as it is funny in its own right:
… and the punishment for your recklessness is learning by heart entire debunkthebim  blog, all 483 posts and still coming… until,… well the joke stops there…

Actually, I was about to write a post on another type of reckless behaviour I came across today when I caught up on some of the forums I like to follow and sometime contribute to (or act like a ‘troll’ as some like to interpret my controversial but still true – to me views);

The topic in question was titled: How do you become a BIM Engineer?
(link at the bottom of this post) raised by a young and eager to become BIM-mer.

Many of the comments were actually very good – my favourite group of regulars dished out many reasonable and wise advices on how one should go about becoming a BIM Engineer, once the industry and the forum participants agree, that such position actually needs to exist.
Still, even with some caution and warning peppered through (mostly by Marek, bless his heart) almost everyone was bending backwards in encouraging any young talent interested in pursuing the field to do so.

So, here comes my bomb:

Don’t do it Thanisha Graves!
The inconvenient truth about BIM is, that unless it is done ‘my way’ and at a large enough scale or the industry suddenly cleans up its act, BIM is doomed to fail.
My way is the ‘forensic BIM’ way when one party gains potential advantage over another by employing tools and systems the other party does not (yet) have and in turn pushes the others to up their game too;
The cleaning up of the industry is what I call turning a widely set-in corruption, based around gambling like behaviour into a more rule-based playing field.
Anyone good at maths that also know how the current AEC operates will conclude quickly that the likelihood of either of these two happening any time soon is close to zero.
Yet, me stating these thoughts will outrage all the pro-BIM-mers out there that have put decades of work into honing their general (process based) and/or specific (product based) BIM related skills.
Some of them will be eager to get into a ‘put me right’ argument yet again, still I’d discourage anyone getting too enthusiastic about hurling abuse at me.

Have been there, seen it all, am scarred for life but as a result I’m also totally immune to the PC-BIM blurbs on the topics of ‘transitional times’ , Universities that ‘teach’ BIM, the engineers  of future that somehow will pop up through a very interesting Darwinian process that will be BIM literate and know what buildings are about etc etc…

Sorry guys, it is unfair to encourage anyone into a BIM field without explaining to them that they will likely sit at the bottom of the ‘food chain’ for ever and get exploited by the non-BIM-mers  or be limited to employment in very small businesses.
And even those small to medium sized BIM practicing companies that believe to be making progress with BIM and in control of their futures will soon enough find themselves fighting for the scraps of works left by the non-discriminatively profit hungry multinational consultancies and contractors.

Unless of course I get it my way… and if you know your history you may actually believe that I can…
In that case, I’ll welcome all the talent into the AEC arena not just the young but also the old (and the middle aged). Not just the BIM literate but also the others that may not be but have plenty of other experience and skills to contribute to a better AEC industry.