Saturday, September 7, 2013

Are you associated with the global AEC industry in any way? Don’t want to bite the hand that feeds you but want to take part in the action that will make the AEC of the future a better place to be? Now is your chance!

Here is the offer, promised a couple of days ago.
A piece of ‘our pie’ to anyone wanting to make a difference to the way the global AEC industry operates, without taking a major personal risk themselves.

The pie is the recently formed Murray Murray Associates.
We are offering up 10% of this business for purchase. The 10% is broken down into 1000 shares at the cost of $ 100 USD per share.
This first share float will be self-regulated and straightforward.
For one share of MMA,
1.       pay the price of $ 100 USD  (or multiples of it) into MMA account.
2.       Next, provide a reference / alias, by which the shareholder will be listed on the share register.
3.       Third and final, email MMA  with a notification of the deposit, with personal information as necessary (which will NOT be shared).
When the money is showing in the MMA account (details below)
·         A PDF certificate will be forwarded showing
a.       Shareholder reference/alias,
b.      share number,
c.       a unique code known only by the shareholder and MMA.

Daily, we will update the register showing the current status of the shares and will post that on the blog;
The shares will be on sale between the 9th and the 19th of September 2013 and the offer will be closed beyond that date. (or “while stocks last” as confident promoters like to say);

The long story behind this alternative IPO is available on the blog.

The short story of it is this:
I (Zolna Murray) believe that the global AEC industry has become inefficient, almost beyond repair;
I base this on my experience gained within the industry, spanning over 25 years and spread across the globe.
As well, I like most of the people operating with me, within the industry. These are good, decent people and the AEC beast has been notoriously difficult to grasp.
The flow on effect of this industry being so rotten, is that it has become a ‘no-go’ zone for a bright and talented young generation of would be AEC professionals.

I do not intend to start a revolution, rather we have set up a business that will show this industry that a service that gives ‘the right knowledge and transparency’ for those that want to get it, can turn the clock back and return the confidence for the public to expect to deal with an honest industry.

The by-product of this new company will be a globally available refuge to young and bright people wanting to contribute, fuelling in turn true innovation and progress.

Needless to say, we (my husband and business partner Graham) and I have set off onto this path with the view to succeed, to the extent that we have put everything material and immaterial we ‘own’ onto this ‘number’.
The masses that are currently employed by or are consumers of this dodgy industry and have some sympathy with our direction, may regard this as too drastic.

I personally know of hundreds of people that quietly wish this change to happen but live by the mantra of ‘Don’t bite the hand that feeds you’.
So, we offer those people out there a very low risk option to contribute to our efforts and make a difference.

Who wants to be the smartest player in the dumbest industry on earth?
Let’s lift the game!

Bank name:      HSBC
Beneficiary:       Zolna Murray
Bank Account:   845-052356-833
Swift code:        HSBCHKHHHKH
Bank address:   1 Queen’s Road, Central, Hong Kong
(otherwise, use Western Union and email me the relevant codes)

We will be also grateful for anyone that wishes to translate this message into other another language and spread it to other parts of the world.
This problem is by no means limited to English speaking countries and the solution to it will not be either!

Due to  the inevitable appearance of ‘the troll’ – I feel obliged to add this footnote to the main message:

…Thank you again for taking the time to forward us your questions. They would be very appropriate to raise of course, had our appeal not been in fact a basic request of support to likeminded people to help us achieve a goal previously well detailed within the blog.

As far as I know this type of activity is not illegal and is often referred to as the ‘FFF-funding stage’ within start-ups.

In this context the word ‘share’ meant a share in the currently very much uncertain future of MMA, indeed its founders. Those that have followed its fortune since its inception would know that the odds were stacked pretty much against the ‘company’.
So, while we of course appreciate all support, we do advise anyone and everyone to do their own due  diligence before they invest/donate any of their own money to anything in fact.

Update (2013 09 13):
On the 5th day of the quasi-float the number of shares sold out of the 1000 that we made available is ZERO.
Many promises though – so don’t get too hopeful yet (you know who I’m talking to) that the initiative will fail spectacularly.

Update (2013 09 14):
check out this video:
made by my daughter Barbara (aged 22) and her partner Shaun;

Update (2013 09 19):