Thursday, January 13, 2011

Push the lifts up to the top of the building!

Have you downloaded my ‘lift‘ file yet? Do it now! Then, tell me – how long did it take you to push the 4 lifts from their starting position at the bottom of the building to the top?
Gimmicky? Not, at all; In this ‘simple’ (and small) file you’ll find numerous features of good BIM.
I talk often about how ‘good BIM does this or that’; I have been dodging defining my BIM so far and to some extent I intent to stick with that.
BIM is such a great acronym, unfortunately, rarely used unequivocally. Not surprisingly though –  take the two ends – ‘building’ can be a noun or a verb, same can the ‘model’; So are we modelling building information or are we building (an) information model?
Often you see BIMM instead, where one of the Ms is for Modelling, the other for Management; Managing Building Information by using (a) Model;
I can see traditional documentation as a type of BIM too, Building information management centred on multiple 2D drawings (BIMD) and Flatcad is BIM as well – Building Information Management based on electronically produced disconnected 2D drawings (BIMF). Strictly speaking both drawings – traditional and digital are models too  – representations of future buildings.
Why does all this matter? Well, I believe that these acronyms are often used to misinform as much if not more as to inform.


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