Sunday, January 30, 2011

DWGs may be used by millions of people, so are pencils.

Manufacturers/marketers/suppliers of construction products, select your CAD(BIM) platforms carefully when developing Model based libraries!
Don’t get fooled by the number of sold licences when deciding, most important factor for choosing should be the level of influence future hands-on users will have within the project
(selection, specification, swaying the client one way or other).
There is NO ‘industry standard’ in place, a majority of the industry is simply working to the ‘lowest common denominator’.
DWGs may be used by millions of people, but so are pencils and ball-point pens.
DWGs and DWFs are the most simple shared file format among a large group of industry professionals but remember, snail-mail was not long ago the obvious way to send messages to others.
I understand the need to manage risks;
Over the years I worked with numerous clients that did their due diligence, drew up their budget and went to produce hundreds of 2D DWG installation details for their products as their support to specifiers.
Some poured their resources into expensive trade shows, others, individually targeted key clients and entertained them in expensive restaurants.
Were they wise – spent their money well?
I question these strategies;
Before you set both your technical and promotional strategies in stone, consider these two words:
Innovation and leading;
Both are terribly over/mis-used but hold some critical “clues.” More on these, later!

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