Thursday, January 6, 2011

BIM will not happen until building owners start asking for it

Surprisingly, building owners tend not question why their ‘cakes’ KEEP turning up misshapen, bitter and overpriced; Building-creation is an industry that is based on high level of speculation, ‘endless’ rise of property values as well as supported by propaganda machines reinforcing the idea of construction being a totally unmanageable and unpredictable beast.
Or, USED to be the case up to a year or two ago. The ‘bubble reportedly burst’ since and the times of senseless construction have (supposedly) changed. The GEC has brought the construction industry down to the ground. Indeed, building owners are tightening their budgets and want more accountability and better value for their money. But is this happening in a meaningful way? Could it be happening realistically, when we have an industry characterised by: 1/ a communication language highly outdated and risky (flatcad based); 2/ intentional misleading of clients by those in charge of their projects 3/information fatigue not controlled but encouraged.
It is widely accepted that BIM would fix these 3 issues for clients, however BIM will not happen until building owners start asking for it; Why? Because there is too much vested interest in the status quo. Design consultants, software vendors and project managers all have vested interest in keeping building owners BIM illiterate and stop them demand buildings get documented BIM way. Time for owners to get BIM educated!

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