Sunday, January 23, 2011

A press of a button will take me to...

‘Construction is not retail, the same rules do not apply!’ I said yesterday, risking offending small, mom and pa grocery operations that run like clockwork. No offence was intended.
I admit, the problem with my BIM hobby-horse(s) is that, there are so many.
Even in this narrow field of construction communication there seem to be at least a dozen subjects that I am fixated on as holding the secret of failure (or possible recovery) of the industry.
It would make me sound more credible if I continually pointed to one source of all troubles.
More people would take me seriously, it would do no justice to the issue.
The PROBLEM with this problem IS that there are so many contributing factors that a fractional drop in performance in any can cause major trouble for the entire machinery.
Take for example: navigation through information.
Today, another sample – I do urge you to download it, not a big file.
Actually, it is a remarkably small file for the information it contains.
Play with the buttons and consider this: a press of a button will take me to ... this information; Pressing another button will take me to....
You could have been seeing me as a ranting, raging, raving and rampant, BIM moaner so far.
Today, I take a break and delight in this little file; Join me!

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  1. If you experience trouble with downloading the file, send me a message and I'll email it to you!