Friday, January 7, 2011

How many trusses does the Cormilligan Cottage have?

Reading my posts you may assume that I like whinging. Maybe, do be patient; There will be plenty of thoughts on how I believe we can make this work too; Perhaps not for everyone, especially if the verdict is ‘revolution’,... all will be revealed in time.
I often hear people say – this (as in BIM way of work) is a lot like when we ditched the T square 20 years ago. Sorry, it is not; Flatcad is not a natural stepping stone on the way to reaching BIM – It is a ‘dead end road’ that has been maintained as the ‘standard’ by those with vested interest in the tools and those that are unprepared to accept the need to raise quality of work.
Flatcad should have been a means of achievement of higher goals had we moved from it the moment other conditions for real BIM were ready. Hardware and communication practice.
The sad fact is, that hardware specs, their affordability and usability has improved rapidly over the years followed by a prompt change in how we communicate in everyday life by adopting more fluid, user needs addressed, dynamic methods.
Flatcad refused to act as a stepping stone and become a big boulder of a liability in the river of the industry.
Question: How many trusses does the Cormilligan Cottage have? (see link – Use Acrobat) 

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