Friday, January 28, 2011

Manufacturers/suppliers of construction products: Listen up!

What can smart manufacturers/marketers/suppliers of construction products DO to increase their market share and improve how buildings are communicated?
Stage ONE : Develop Model based libraries;

1.       Chose platforms carefully: the number of platforms you work with, depends on your target market and budget.
Don’t get fooled by numbers – important: influence the users have.
If you can’t do them all, do one and well!
2.       Explore who (from decision makers) has direct access to these objects.
You will pour a lot of money down the drain otherwise;
3.       Make your objects simple to use, reliable, highly branded and valuable beyond their original purpose.
Aim to help with at least one task the user performs regularly, has nothing to do with your product but makes their life easier.
4.       Allow other complementing products to piggyback on your digital libraries.
5.       Use off-the shelf tools to develop them, keep them low-spec (don’t overspec), maintain version currency.
6.       Give these objects the same level of consideration as your original products.
7.       Get on the road – Keep your presence felt in ‘everyday work’;
8.       Target kids (ethically) even before they get into the industry!
9.       Troubleshoot smartly and cheerfully.
10.   Stop spending money on marketing that does not work;

Over the next couple of days I will give you samples for each of these 10 points; Keep following!

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