Friday, January 21, 2011

Autodesk has been ruling the roost for 3 decades!

Autodesk has been ruling the roost for 3 decades. Hang on! - you say. What about Archicad? A major player since the eighties. Microstation? Vectorworks, Allplan, Spirit etc?
All controlled part of the patch but none really delivered on their promise or used an historic opportunity well, to make a real and positive difference to how buildings are communicated;
They collectively entrenched Flatcad?
Forget Flatcad! It did more damage than good;
I often mention the generation of current 10 – 20 year olds (maybe because my 3 children fit in that age group); Well, if you have the luxury to observe how they communicate – do so, as these will soon be the next architects, engineers, construction managers, but also crane drivers, digger tippers, joiners, carpenters, waterproofers!
Do you Mr Autodesk (and Mr Anycad) really expect that these kids will have the patience to learn programs that come with zillions of tutorials, strings of table-based commands and slow navigating? ..Will learn how a complex building is devised, broken up into dumb electronic lines and drawn at funny angles on a digital, flat surface? ...Or use a magnifying glass up the crane-top to work out from a reduced, crumbled A3 paper where their next load is going– while a smart I_something will be organising another, ‘real-life’ in their pocket?
Time to look at what our kids are doing!


  1. What are you rambling about "Autodesk has been ruling the roost for 3 decades" are you saying this is good or bad?
    Spirit etc?
    Add is awesome
    They all are just tools do do our job of designing building for all.
    They all deliver some better than others and if use it can make whats in your mind reality.
    Flatcad it is only flat if you let it be flat
    It did not do any damage the people that do not use a tool is the problem.
    The kids will have to learn a program and have the patience to go through a tutorial to learn and require the knowledge. The kids will not learn a complex buildings through these programs they will learn about complex buildings through the process of higher learning. From the freshman year of college design classes through the undergrad master of architect then actual WORK experience.
    "Dumb electronic lines .....funny angles on a digital, flat surface? ...Or use a magnifying glass" WHAT ARE MUMBLING ABOUT i think it is time you think about what you are writing cad is a toll for design professionals to create the built environment. You apparently have very little real life experience in the design and development of a set of documents. Cadd is only a tool just like pen, pencils, paper, parallel bar, triangles, etc use to be.

  2. Cool, thank you! Finally people are prepared to get off the fence and show their colours; I was concerned to get page view in the thousands and comments in the 3s;
    Let me quote you back:
    "...cad is a toll for design professionals to create the built environment"
    could not have said better! (toll = tax, duty, fee, charge); regards,