Tuesday, November 6, 2012

How (not) to promote a BIM Summit?

I used to think of “Summits” as meetings of heads of states, held not that often with full fanfare and media attention.
Nowadays we have ‘BIM summits‘ popping up all around the world, almost every week.
There is a conference, soon to be held in New Zealand carrying the same pretentious qualifier.
(see link to it below)

Reading through the programme and the list of speakers inspired me to voice a new ‘tongue-twister cum mathematical problem’ and share it with the world:

“If BIM is not Revit, and Revit is not BIM,
but a BIM summit is staffed by people almost exclusively associated with Revit,
what makes it still a BIM summit as opposed to a Revit summit?”

Ok, ok… here I am talking from the safety of a ‘self-proclaimed disassociation with the globally-spread Autodesk tribalism’, yet I constantly dispense my support to some ‘other’ programs while still try to deceive myself of being an independent thinker.

Anyone that knows something about BIM and the fierce lobbying that is going on in it must agree with me on the following point though:

It is slightly bizarre, if not outright stupid to promote an ‘Autodesk flavoured event’ with images of buildings created in ArchiCAD!
The illustrations they use on the brochures and promotional materials are from Rice Daubney;

Could the 20+ companies that provided people for the event not come up with ONE Revit image?
Only if Graphisoft knew how to play this to their advantage!