Monday, November 19, 2012

Good luck with that!

We went to see the latest Bond movie on Friday.
And I really enjoyed it.
Maybe, because the last 007 movie I watched prior to this was many years ago, or just that the couple of hours’ long trip into dream-world was well needed.

Escapism aside, the movie carried a lot of BIM meaning.

Everything Bond did, looked easy.
The problem of good BIM-mers is similar, they make what they do, look easy to others.
So, if they like what they see, the observers of this BIM-magic think they can get it from a box. 
A box preferably with an Autodesk logo on it.
Or a person.
But another person, a cheaper person than the BIM-mer that impressed them.
A cheaper, less demanding, less troublesome.
Preferably one that wears an Autodesk logo on his shirt.

Then, there was the dragon.
The giant lizard that represented for me most of those that are managing the AEC industry nowadays. 
Ii since learned that the dragon’s basic strategy is simple: try to smash the challenger to the ground and tear it to pieces.
Komodo's teeth are its most dangerous weapon. They are large, curved, and serrated, and tear flesh efficiently.
Though when they aren’t hungry, they lounge lazily, just like the AEC management, totally uninterested in the smart little BIM-mers trying to change the industry.

In the movie the lizard survives – good for the green- groups, less so for my morale.
Still, my two parallel stories do collide over the animal in the film.

In the lantern-lit casino floor – the villain snatches Bond’s gun (insert: BIM box)
and attempts to fire it (insert: pretend to do BIM to fight the dinosaur off)
and it fails, as it has been coded to Bond’s palm-print (insert: decades of hard-won BIM experience) so only he can use it.

As Bond utters: ‘Good luck with that!’
 I think that too:
Good luck to all of you BIM 'rejectors'!