Friday, November 30, 2012

Can you adjust the slopes in Revit? The guys at my work say, you can’t...

And they are not bad with their tools;
In fact, the ‘A team’ can cook up a pretty cool Revit model in a pretty good time frame.

My question to the team went like this: When you represent earthworks, and cut a platform into a site, can you use angled cutters?
Rather than having the earth cut (and filled) vertically 90 degrees as shown on picture 1 (done in Revit), different soils require those cuts (and fills) to be performed at an angle (that often depends on the type of soil) like shown on picture 2 (done in ArchiCAD);
They went away, they researched, they said: NO.

So, my dear readers – Revit enthusiasts, put me right: 
Can you vary those slopes in Revit?
Don’t bother by offering me other, Autodesk-compatible earthworks software, for the one-eyed ArchiCAD agitator I am, this is a race with 2 horses.

If you know a bit about me, you can imagine how much the guys at work hate the constant pestering I do of ‘can yours do what my can?’.
What they do not realise, that I’d be the happiest if Autodesk suddenly got their act together and technically boosted up Revit’s abilities and performance.
Preferably, well beyond ArchiCAD’s, give something for those Hungarian developers to sink their teeth into!

Competition and ‘balance of powers’ is what we are talking about here.
In the earlier ‘BIM-ish’ years, we had to squeak persistently into Graphisofts’ deaf –ears for years, desperate for a decent representation of storey-level lines in sections before anything happened.
We had to put up with a clumsy profiler for ages.
Then, Revit popped out its own representation of tools for these two and GS was forced to counter-act.
In fact, was it not for the way Revit could handle multiple type of walls (within one) that made GS really jazz up their ‘complex profiler’?
You know, in the good Hungarian spirit, they’ll go one further when the challenge is there and worthwhile to take up.

Talking about the ‘complex profiler’ in ArchiCAD, I feel another fan-mail coming from my side on that topic, something I’d urge all BIM enthusiast (regardless of colour and branding) to come and read up on.


  1. Getting that to happen in Revit is indeed possible, but not using the method you're showing. You would provide edited points of the toposurface to arrive at the shape you're showing. It would not be as easy a task as it appears it would be in AC, but is possible. Perhaps what this post demonstrates is that Revit users are lazier than ArchiCAD users :-P

  2. Yes you can make those slopes with the pad-tool in Revit; use a pad with an angle for the sloping.

    So, is the terreain in the AC image actualle a 'slab' put into the 'terreain' layer? You know, we Revit users dont beleive in layers. Revit beats AC hands down, without contest btw.

    1. Dear Anonymous,
      Thanks you for your very informative and thoughtful contribution to this topic.
      Should make the Revit crowed proud.
      Also, thanks for repeatedly coming back to read my blog.
      Must be painful;

    2. Meant ‘crowd‘ my apologies. 

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