Thursday, November 15, 2012

Let the genie out of the bottle: A suggestion for a BIM corporate gift

When I get invited to speak at BIM themed gatherings, it is usually due to one of 2 scenarios at play:
Organisers either know nothing about BIM, or they are in a somewhat ‘suicidal mode’ intending to bomb their event with whatever random, anti-mainstream BIM ramblings I’ll come up-with on the day.

One definitely cannot say that Ivan of hiCAD-fame
 knows nothing about BIM, so he must have been feeling very adventurous when he invited me to speak at his annual ArchiCAD event, for the third time this autumn.

Travelling to Novi Sad, Serbia or better known as the ‘naughty’ capital of Vojvodina is always a bitter-sweet event for me, visiting my fading father, my heroic mother, tough little sister, sturdy brother-in-law, the  nephews and the house I grew up-in, simultaneously gives me strength and drains energy.

For this year’s event, Ivan published a selection of my blog-posts in a cute little book;
If there ever was a good corporate, festive-season present for those operating in the AEC field, this is it.
The perfect gift for your BIM clients, current or potential. Not offensive, yet powerful!

Firstly, those that think no-BIM will ever rattle them off their well deserved positions can enjoy the selection of colourful pictures without needing to get down to the deeply hidden meaning of each little aphorism.
Those, that may have started taking this BIM-thing seriously, will start taking you more seriously too; 
See, it is a real book, it has a bar-code!

Best of all, when you order your book from Ivan, he may throw in his other little corporate gift, a bottle opener marked with ‘Open BIM’.
These branded little gadgets show Ivan’s real savvy.
At his event he was promoting ‘Open BIM’ in line with Graphisoft’s strategy of the ‘IFC-playing nicely type BIM’, yet as a nod to my openly ‘NOT open BIM’ stance gave away a bottle open-er as part of the show.
As in, not quite knowing what type of genie we may let out with it this year.

So, order a couple of these BIM books for your corporate clients this Christmas and give them the Open BIM opener too.
Next year, will launch the Open (and let the can of worms out) BIM can-opener.
Ivan and I will!

(book is bilingual, opener opens standard beer bottles, I think)