Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sorry Hady, will not make it this time.

This is my public apology to Bentley Systems Europe B.V. (Dubai Branch)
I week or so ago, I had the pleasure to be invited to Bentley’s "21st Century Construction Processes" event, planned for the 11th of December, to be held in Doha.
Their programme looked interesting and as Hady (who so kindly sent me the invitation) suggested,

“The event will be also a very good networking opportunity with industry peers from top construction and rail firms in the Middle East such as Parsons International, Arabtec Construction, L.L.C, and Consolidated Contractors Company (CCC)”.

I will spare you of my comment on how brave this action of Hady’s I consider to be.

Not just because that would mean repeating myself, a habit I try to shake off, but also I do accept that mature companies like Bentley Systems have the wisdom to create their lists of event-invitees without being unduly influenced by a potential blog comment of a hysterical BIM-mer, afterwards.

So, I politely thanked Hady and sought permission to go.
Still, the bosses, said: NO.

By no means should this decision be taken as a reflection on the quality of Bentley's programme - nor the high cost of getting me to Doha.
After all, for at least the last half a year we’ve had guys travelling back and forth around the globe on the account of juicy RAIL projects to be had in the region, we must have by now secured super specials with the airlines.

Though, in tough times we are currently living, every cent counts, the ex ‘small-business owner minded’ person I am, I sure understand.

Still, the overarching cluelessness of this workplace of mine does bother me a bit - as a colleague said, even if someone showed us how to dig those rail tunnels within seconds using batman’s laser drills and offered to sell the tools to us - we'd still be too cool to listen to anyone.

In fact, they wouldn’t notice if a life-saving strategy has hit them in between their eyes.
Not if it was coming from me, anyway.