Saturday, November 10, 2012

A BIM-baby in danger…

Spoiler alert: this is going to be a soppy, girly post.
If you are a regular reader looking for the latest technical happenings around BIM, come back later – I have a couple of posts in drafts on the ‘magical power of the prodigious zone tool’ and ‘how productivity can be improved by applying BIM the correct way’.

Today, I have bigger fish to fry. Or ‘fish’ closer to my day-to-day existence, so to speak.

It’s been a long time since I could be referred to as a ‘baby’ of any sort.
Yet, that is the best parallel I can think of as I consider my immediate employment prospects.
Being thrown out, as the proverbial ‘baby’ with the bathwater.

See, the almighty company I’m working in is doing a bit of a ‘major’ re-structuring at the moment.
The new CEO took the helm a month or so ago, time to brush the place clean.

Don’t look away, I’m not sharing big company secrets here, in fact I can hardly ripple any PR waves with my little blog in comparison to what the big guys have been doing over the last year or so, slinging mud over each other across continents.

I can’t in my ‘rational-professional mind’ blame the new/old management for aiming to improve accountability and ensure we operate as a single, cohesive company.
That, from now on ‘Our Operations will concentrate on the successful delivery of our projects.’ – should do nothing but please my ‘BIMmed out’ strategic-little brain.
That, ‘This will require a focus on cost control, quality and profitability’ should sooth me into a blissful knowledge of ‘finally getting understood at the highest of levels’.

No such luck.
Lots of signs are suggesting to me that the flexible catchphrase about the baby and the bathwater in our case has to do with discarding the essential, while retaining the superfluous.
In other words, they may throw out the baby and keep the bath water?
The risk is high!