Friday, November 4, 2011

Sharing means caring...

The two teenage-girls were ready for a party, minus a Hermione tie yet to be fashioned around the neck of one of them.
They came to me for help, I directed them to the ‘Fred-how-tie’ I gifted my husband last Christmas (pictured) but the static nature of the instructions made them look for a better alternative.

They went to Youtube.
Obvious choice. Would it be the same for you?
If you had to clean a laptop, replace a knob on the oven or create a macramé hanging plant holder, would your first place to look for instruction be the Youtube?
Or would you Google it first?
That’d be un-cool, according to the 15 year olds.

Let’s not make this post of another litany of generational-differences, instead:
I do have an interest in sharing instructions for this-and-that on the net (mostly manufacturer’s product installations) and feel like asking the following question routinely:

Why is sharing PDFs online so difficult?

Search for answers and you get many tips on how to ‘send’ PDF’s to someone else.
I’m interested in using a PDF online, with all its clever features and without needing to download any viewers or the file itself.
Sharing, as in using something jointly as opposed to in turns.
Sharing, as in letting somebody else in-on the same information as opposed to just keeping to oneself.