Wednesday, November 23, 2011

All for one and one for all!

Not referring to Dumas’ three Musketeers, but to a practice my modelling contemporaries seem to be very fond of.
It is to do with outputs: even when comprehensive models are created from masses of drawings (say, at construction stage) – and all info sits in one database, some urge exists in the model-outputters to squeeze as-much-info as possible on single to-be-printed drawings.
So, shop drawings coming out at the ‘other’ end of the model become just as hard to read and congested with information as their counterparts going in.
Add to that the silly-practice of the ‘reduced A1, i.e. A3’ size and we are almost back to square one.

Change management in action:
I am well on my way to kick my addiction to printed (hardcopy) drawings.
Never mind the little ‘green house’ plonked by senders at the end of emails with the nagging note to resist printing the host-message in order to save paper and help the environment.
My eyes did it for me on the end. My failing eyesight and the tiny desk I’m working at nowadays, squeezed in like in a ticket-booth have forced me to use digital-drawings more.
2 laptops fit side by side - one slightly overhangs the edge. I could place an A3 set in front of them, but then the coffee-cup would need to go.
The coffee-cup is staying.