Monday, November 21, 2011

For years we had a kitchen with no hot water.

My mother and us-two-daughters carried the hot water from the bathroom to the kitchen over numerous rooms for dishwashing, many times a day for over 30 years, before my father got around to install a little instantaneous water heater above the sink.

My father was extremely good with his hands, built our house and assisted many.
He could fix almost everything, from cars to bikes to broken-earrings.
He was a busy-type too, often working a full shift at home after coming from work.
He just never did the dishes.

Had he had the pleasure to grab the large metal bowl from the pantry (1 door) get to the bathroom (3 doors), fit the bowl under a tight-tap, fill it up with boiling water and manoeuvre through the same 3 doors (open-and-shut, we only heat certain spaces) ...back to the kitchen even once...
We would have got the hot water in the kitchen in no time...

I thought of my dad when I saw the clever-little political sign, I attach here.
I also think of my dad as I look at the future of BIM.
Not going to happen, unless you get those in the middle to do what the ones at the bottom are doing now, then those from the middle will get things moving (tools, systems, processes etc)...

It is simple, like washing dishes.