Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A day full of Colours... I had last Thursday...

...though the power of colours is surprisingly lost on many when it comes to communication...

First: I’ve tried explaining the umpteenth time to my, otherwise sharp-and-enthusiastic teammate, that presenting everything grey in a construction-model is not that good a practice.
He was nodding weakly while I rattled examples, where depicting beams in orange, columns in blue and hollow-core-panels in olive-green was totally justified, but I knew he was not convinced.

His eyes drifted uncontrollable through the window, out to the site, where an army of little, glow-yellow-vested men was fashioning our building out-of grey beams, grey columns, grey slabs reinforced with grey bars...

Then, I went home to our girls’ interim school-progress reports to inspect.
Presented as tables showing subjects, criteria and grades on the scale of 1-3 (translated into letters) this communication pleasantly surprised me by its simplicity.
(Especially when I contrast it with the barrage of digital-information the school unleashes on us daily, since they’ve discovered the internet.)

Yet, the colours were missing. Printed on a white sheet, the stamp on the bottom is green, the signature blue, the writing, the table are black.
Wouldn’t it be beneficial to have the three grades represented by colours? I’d think so.
Use the well-tested colours of the traffic-lights for impact.
Colour printing expensive? Maybe, but is it worth not-to use it here? Value vs. Risk?