Thursday, November 24, 2011

It DOES matter what modeller you use!!!

I may have said otherwise previously, so be it.
I’m putting the record straight: I’ve had it up to my ears with the PC BIM talk!
I should add, that I’m tired of the ‘my one is bigger, better, faster, lighter, cooler, whateverer than yours is’ discussions too. So this message may be a bit confusing.

I can also say it now, that I will not take one more car/driving analogy in relation to software packages, unless it is original and comes from me.
I do not ‘just’ want to get from A to B. I want to enjoy my drive, take pleasure in it.
I like my tools to be cool and clever, fast and discrete, individual yet robust.
I consider myself to be a discerning customer, highly demanding, yet fiercely loyal.

I have been ‘tossed around’ a bit over the years so I also learned to ‘make do’.
But, there is a difference between opting for something inferior due to budget constraints or other circumstances and swallowing a load or empty talk, how it is ‘not what you use’ but ‘how you use it’.
Sure and I WAS born yesterday.

I do feel a bit responsible for all of those – yet to jump into the AEC modelling modellers that are looking at their options as I write this.
Responsible and a bit sorry.