Friday, November 25, 2011

I’ve been aggressively campaigning against BIM outsourcing-companies lately...

Or that’s what people at my work perceive me doing.
In fact, I’ve got nothing against sound providers offering BIM related services.
Not just that some of my best friends are working the described field as I write this post, I’ve spent many years being one of them.
So, accuse me of anti BIM-outsourcing and I’ll take offence.
Or will not, instead I might just happily go along as being labelled a ‘hypocrite’, but branding me as such, apart from it being a lively topic for the occasion, will not help BIM the slightest.

I see company after company rolling up and rolling out BIM related services while missing out on the fact that their targets (for outsourcing, like the one I’m in now) are becoming more knowledgeable, god ‘forbid ‘BIM-sophisticated’ then what they used to be and our demands are rising.
Most of these service providers offer us modelling, the part of the ‘machinery’ that is the easiest to re-create within our own environments.
Furthermore, there is very little incentive in us in sourcing something that will put our own-people out of work in times where projects are in short supply.

If these companies want to be taken seriously, they need to offer us something that we either do not have (but want) or is cheaper/easier to get from them then us developing it.


  1. Hmmmm ...

    ... yep, you might be correct if you were anywhere but here.

    Show me a local company - even a multinational with a local office - that will invest in appropriate staff training and full implementation from scratch? Remove the ones who already do stuff "overseas" and just copy the processes and relocate people accordingly. Just the ones who are here, employing locally.


  2. I know of two. I am assuming when you say local you are referring to the UAE correct?

  3. There are more than 2 here (UAE) that claim to be in that space...
    But saying something is being done and something really being done are still 2 things.