Saturday, November 19, 2011

HABA* and the story of the muddy river...

HABA = Half hearted BIM approach.
HABA is everywhere where BIM is present, however should not be confused with the real thing.
The ‘real thing’, if in existence continues to evade me.

‘Building creation’ as an industry is continuing to be sluggish and inefficient due to the flow of the information that it is based on acting like a big, muddy river.
Panning for gold in this medium is hard and tedious; throwing highly skilled planners, analysts, and problem solvers at it is not just useless and expensive but also counterproductive.

Still, this is what currently happens, armies of clever specialists try making sense of the muddy water as it passes their threshold.

BIM could be useful if it truly managed to clear up parts of the muddy river.
As practiced nowadays (under HABA) it continues to stay a muddy river, worse even, one that flows underground.
Only few and with specialist equipment can try to pan for gold – and the masses of ‘experts’ are forced to stand over the hyporheic zones waiting for cups of (still murky) water to be handed to them to work with.

There is a way to improve the water, but is not an easy one.
And I’m yet to find the company that is truly prepared to tackle the elephant sitting on the bank of their river;

* a slightly skewed acronym with another nested in it
(picture from flickr – Thomas Roland’s photostream)