Saturday, November 5, 2011

A newcomer to BIM? Thinking of making a career of it?

Let me give you one advice: Think again!

It may look at first like an undiscovered nice, niche-area within an overcrowded field.
A sound system of utilising technology and best practice information management for the advancement of all.  
A natural marriage of the new and old, a harmonious unison between science and practice.
An easy fix to a terminally ill industry, a lifeline to floundering, aging professionals that have lost their edge and focus. Also an exciting career path for the professionally freshly hatched.
A good business plan, a ‘no brainer’ as I often hear.

I blame the internet for this one. And the software vendors. And the academia.
The three together have managed to stitch up a nice little fairy-tale that seems to be doing its repeated rounds over the various levels of the AEC industry.
It looks real and credible while behaving no better than any old pyramid-scheme or hot-air-balloon scam.
To strengthen its power, this scary threesome targets the young and the old within the field, the nerdy and the vulnerable, the ambitious and the disillusioned. It has a custom created story for each, to hook them up, enlist in their army and let them do the dirty work for the cause.

Look, if it looks too good to be true, IT IS. Full stop!
If really interested in BIM, dig deeper!