Sunday, November 6, 2011

Autodesk may have coined ‘BIM’ but its heart has never been in it...

It may have spent huge amount of money on acquiring Revit and then developing it into something presentable and may be constantly pumping funds into its marketing-machine worldwide to promote BIM, Autodesk never really believed it to be the future, and this shows.

Akin to a politician half-heartedly supporting a policy launch he never agreed-with in the first place, or a teenager holding a candle at his sister’s confirmation-ceremony yet hopes, none of his mates see him like this, Autodesk has been sending out ‘invisible signals’ to the world, that this ‘BIM thing’ is all a bit beneath it and will not last, anyway.

The danger of ‘invisible’ anything is though that it may not get noticed by the ones aimed at, and come judgment day, when the whole ‘BIM thing’ falls over, and the time to re-populate the world with the tried-and-loved AutoCAD suites dawns again, some of the old followers may have moved on.
Unfortunately, the routes disillusioned AutoCAD fans currently can take up are few and badly marked.

Still, would not bet on this situation to continue till the ‘judgment day’ when they can happily re-join the Autodesk clan.
My guess is, that those millions of AutoCAD users around the world that have been cultivated over the last 20-years will yet come back to bite Autodesk in one way, or other.


  1. You missed the reason Autodesk acquired Revit -- to kill it, in order to allow AutoCad to continue to prevail in the marketplace.

  2. my goodness.....pull your heads in.

  3. Its November and I had thought you would be onto more positive territory. Maybe Ipads and as-builts and FM models and Infrastructure and cloud and process and philosophy of responsibility for the future.

    This blog is going down the disgruntled technophobe luddite conspiracy theorist route pretty damn quickly.

  4. Oh, dear Anonymous,
    How I missed your timekeeping contributions over the last couple of months...
    Was it May the last time you pointed out how I was going nowhere with this blog? Interesting you still return every number of months, just in case I did figure out the formula to BIM-happiness. Maybe I did, just not telling anyone?
    Or maybe I am stuck in the muddy reality I’m dealing with daily and unable to move onto clouds you are mentioning.
    Conspiratorly Yours,