Thursday, November 17, 2011

BIM is not ‘value added’...

I drive a 1.6l, 2010 issue car (of a well-known brand) with a ‘manual’ key (i.e. no remote).
For a little bit of money, I could have had one with a remote key. Not because (I presume) it is that much more expensive to provide such a feature, but because (I suspect) the good people that sell cars have worked out that their clients/customers generally do not like to juggle bags-of-groceries, clean-or-dirty laundry, numerous laptops, screaming toddlers AND still try to fit a key in the socket, especially if the key can only operate one way (That, will teach them!). Snow, rain or dessert-heat all enhance the humiliation of such little experience, so it must have been a success to isolate the described attribute as a ‘value added’.

I think of this adjective (did you know it WAS an adjective?) even more often than just when I struggle with opening my car, every time someone tries to sell BIM as a ‘value added’ something. This occurs quite often.

The reason I am not comfortable with the label* is that I believe BIM, should be part of all ‘standard model’ AEC-projects, not something that our clients need to pay extra to get.
Doing it well may make them to choose us more often, but that is a different story all-together.
Will write about it one day.

(*apart from sounding so try-hard by being back-to-front ‘added value’)